Model Ship Display Case - HMS Bounty Case Study

Model Ship Display Case - HMS Bounty Case Study

Charlie has always loved the sea. The salty air, the unpredictable weather, the spirit of adventure. He wanted to be reminded of this in his daily life, so he took to building model ships.

In 2018, he finished a four-year build of a replica of the HMS Bounty. Thousands of intricate pieces and thousands of hours. Constructing this model has been a labour of love for Charlie. Four years - that’s a phenomenal amount of time and effort in captain’s log! But he says it’s been worth it.

Charlie was initially drawn to the HMS Bounty because of the swashbuckling story behind it. Originally a small merchant ship, it was converted by the Royal Navy for transporting breadfruit plants from Tahiti to the West Indies. But the ship, captained by William Bligh, never made it. Just off the coast of Tonga in 1789, some of the ship’s crew led a mutiny. Even to this day, the phrase ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ is a popular expression about rebellion against authority.

So Charlie wanted to celebrate this slice of naval history and his love of intricate projects by constructing a replica of the HMS Bounty, just in miniature form. The detailed plans of the frigate HMS Bounty still exist and Spanish company Artesania Latina were able to produce a 1:48 scale model. The armaments on the Bounty consist of four cannons and ten swivel guns, and Charlie opted to keep the starboard side of the replica exposed to display the complex and elaborate elements below deck.

So when he decided to invest his time and effort to construct a scale model of the HMS Bounty, Charlie knew he needed a safe place to display it proudly so it didn’t end up as ‘cannon fodder’. He wanted a display case for a model ship that provided him value for money and unbeatable quality. Charlie’s HMS Bounty model is displayed in a fully customised TTC Treasury Tower Cube display case from Showfront.

“The reason I chose Showfront was because I was impressed by the cabinets displayed on their website and I was also able to have it custom made. I added some lighting to highlight the ship from all angles, which was a feature that impressed a lot of people,” he said.

It’s all hands on deck at Showfront when they’re helping you pick out a model ship display case. The great thing about a display case from Showfront is that you can make it your own. You can order a custom model display case to your exact specifications: lighting, colour, shelving, dimensions, and more. We know that collectors like yourself need their favourite pieces shown in the best light, so we use cool, environmentally-friendly LED lighting as standard in every unit.

Showfront is the leader in collectible display cases and 100% Australian owned and operated. We ship our display cases fully-assembled to any address in the country and ensure your display case arrives in mint condition. This means no flat-packed furniture to fuss around with and try to connect the electrical wiring. It arrives ship shape, ready to plug in and go.

Charlie had such a great experience with his model ship display case that he’s in the process of building another model ship.

“My experience in dealing with Showfront was great and they fulfilled all my requirements. When I am finished the HMS Pegasus, I will be purchasing another cabinet from Showfront [to display it],” said Charlie.

We can’t wait to see how Charlie’s HMS Pegasus looks alongside the Bounty when it’s completed!

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