George Lucas’ epic space opera is one of the most successful fantasy franchises around the globe, with millions of fans and even more Star Wars memorabilia. 

If you’re an avid Star Wars memorabilia collector, you’ve undoubtedly faced the struggle of trying to display it in a way that works for your home. From replica costumes and props to action figures and signed Star Wars movie memorabilia, we can build a custom Star Wars memorabilia showcase to suit your collection. 

When creating custom star wars memorabilia displays, we are Australia’s leading manufacturer. Don’t be duped by the dark forces of cheap knock-offs or Boba Fett cabinetry clones; only Showfront is the trusted name for all things Star Wars collections. 

Customise your own Star Wars memorabilia showcase with Australia's leading display case manufacturers at Showfront

We’ve custom-built more Star Wars display cases than we can count for a host of spectacular Star Wars memorabilia collections, many of which remain some of the most exciting cabinetry projects we’ve done to date. Collectors from all over Australia and the galaxy have ordered custom Star Wars merchandise cabinets created by Showfront.

Are you having a hard time figuring out how to house your Millennium Falcon model, Star Wars Lego, Mandalorian merch or Star Wars movie memorabilia? Let expert consultants at Showfront help you create a unique Star Wars memorabilia showcase; consider us your Chewie. 

With more options than First Order soldiers, there truly is no Lego Death Star too big or Star Wars figurine too small. Want to become the Master of your Star Wars memorabilia display? Here is a quick and easy guide for all our fellow galactic geeks.

Step 1: Decide the shape

The first step for customising your Star Wars memorabilia display cabinet is deciding what shape of cabinet you want. The best way to figure this out is by considering where you would like your cabinet to go. Would you like it to span the length of a wall? Or do you want something space-savvy like a corner cabinet, wall display case or multi-functional like a coffee table? 

Why not custom your own Star Wars memorabilia coffee table display case with Showfront?

Step 2: Choose the size

Once you know where you would like your Star Wars merchandise cabinet to go and what shape you would like it, the next step is to get the measurements. This must take into consideration the space and the size of your collection. Don’t worry; you won’t need to get the measuring tape out yourself. Our cabinetry Jedis will be able to assist in the sizing of your display case. 

Step 3: Pick the frame

When customising your own Star Wars display, you want the display case to suit your home. Choose the frame colour and finish you want with anything from our standard black, white, and silver range to your own custom frame colour. 

Customise your Star Wars memorabilia showcase by choosing your frame colour.

Step 4: Select your lighting 

We promise your Star Wars memorabilia to be brighter than any light sabre with plenty of different cool LED lighting options on offer. 

Opt for strip lighting, downlights, spotlights or a combination of them and then have them installed wherever you like in the cabinet to best illuminate your Star Wars memorabilia. 

Step 5: Add your extras 

 You can also add extra storage to your cabinet with inbuilt draws. You can also add locks to your Star Wars merchandise display case for better security of your collection. 

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