Guitar Display Case custom built for Slash’s Gibson Les Paul

Hands up anyone who doesn’t recognise the opening guitar riff from ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ by Guns n’ Roses? Well, the crew at Showfront certainly do!


It was pretty hard to keep the tune out of our heads when it came to crafting this beautiful custom Wall-Mounted Guitar Display Case for Slash’s Gibson Les Paul, signed by the great man himself and commissioned by the Sydney Entertainment Centre, a stunning tribute to one of the most influential rock guitarists of the 1980’s.   

Guitar Display Case by Showfront at Sydney's Entertainment Centre - Slash Guns n' Roses

Pictured below, this custom Wall-mounted Guitar Display Case was built with a high quality powder coated finish in a black aluminium frame, then post-glaze sealed to enshrine it and keep it dust free forever. It also comes with safety glass to avoid shattering in the event of an accident.

Slash's Guitar at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in a Wall-Mounted Display Case custom built by Showfront

Making custom display cabinets for guitars, saxophones, trumpets, clarinets (and pretty much any other musical instrument you can name) is something of a Showfront specialty.  In fact, Slash’s guitar display cabinet is just the latest in a series of specially commissioned display cases for musical instruments created by Showfront.  

We’ve blogged in the past about Melbourne Brass n’ Woodwind, and if you’ve entered via our home page, you’ll see the custom display cabinets we created for the beautiful brass instruments and harmonicas in the Ormond-based store.  Pictured below are more images from the series. Click here if you’d like to view more photos or read more about this case study on instrument display cabinets.

Musical Instrument Display Cases at Melbourne Brass n' Woodwind - custom built by Showfront

 Brass Instrument Display Cases by Showfront at Melbourne Brass n' Woodwind

Superb craftsmanship, unbeatable Australian-made quality and great competitive prices are all the hall marks of the Showfront brand.  Our instrument display cases come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, from Upright and Tower Display Cabinets to Wall-mounted Display Cases and Glass Counters.

They also come fully assembled, which means there’s no extra work for you to do. Just remove the box, plug and play! Your display cabinet is ready to showcase your musical instruments instantly. We also deliver to every city, region and town in Australia.        

Whether you require a complete shop fit out with display cabinets for a unique visual merchandising experience or a commemorative display case for a guitar you simply adore, the expert display consultants at Showfront are here to help.


Better quality, better value – that’s Showfront.

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