With many of us spending a lot more time at home these days thanks to a global pandemic, it’s the perfect time to ponder some of the bigger questions, like what’s important to you? Family, friends, work…and the inevitable question that all collectors face: what’s the best way to display a Lego collection?

Let’s face it, collecting is your passion. Specifically, you may have been collecting Lego since you were knee-high to a grasshopper and your collection may just be your pride and joy.

But how are you displaying your Lego collection? Is your entire collection on display? Or less than half of it? Is it collecting dust because you have nowhere safe to store it? And are you a little embarrassed that your current display set-up fails to do your collection the justice it deserves? Ah…we see them problem. You need a large Lego display case.

You want to be able to see your Lego collection and appreciate all the time, effort, and hard work that went into acquiring and constructing it. Plus, you want to be able to show it off: to yourself, your friends, your family. That’s totally relatable! It’s what Tony Starke would do. Or Bruce Wayne. Or both.

This is where Showfront Collectors can help. We are 100% Australian owned and operated and all our cabinets are manufactured right here in Melbourne. Our display cases are lockable and fully customisable to suit your needs. From a large Lego minifigure display case to a four-door, wall-sized, display case, we have a high-quality solution with adjustable shelves to showcase your pride and joy. We also offer excellent service and unbeatable value for money – show us a written quote with like- for-like specifications and we’ll beat it by 10%, GUARANTEED.

The beauty of placing some of your most prized possessions in glass display cases is twofold: it both protects and displays your collection. Showfront’s display cabinets not only keep your collection safe from wayward pets and the curious hands of children, they also protect it from dust, spills, and UV light.

When you’re investing all of your hard-earned money in your collection, we know you don’t want to entrust it to just anyone. Showfront have been supplying collectors with display cases for more than 30 years and have customised cabinets to suit every type of collection imaginable.

So here are four suggestions for eye-catching ways to display your Lego collection:

Large Lego Display Cabinet showing Lego Collection by Showfront

1. The TGL-1000

Buy the TGL1000 display cabinet in black from Showfront Collectors Australia

This is one of our best sellers as it’s a great display case for those with limited space (such as in apartments), but it can still fit a large Lego collection. Many Lego collectors choose this display case in either black or white, but we can customise it any colour you like.

2. The TGL-1200

Buy the TGL1200 display cabinet in black from Showfront Collectors Australia

The bigger brother to the TGL-1000, this cabinet takes it up a notch. The wider double doors allow for greater space inside for larger Lego sets, as well as making it easier to build your displays. The TGL-1200 comes with environmentally-friend LED lights prewired in a cool white to show off your dazzling collection in (quite literally!) its best light.

3. The TGL-2000 cabinet extra large

Buy the TGL2000 display cabinet in black from Showfront Collectors Australia

Made for serious Lego collectors, the TGL-2000 has two sets of slidable (and lockable!) glass doors, manufactured with aluminium door pulls for safe opening and closing. It’s one of our most popular styles and allows for great flexibility in displaying your prized Lego collection.

4. The TGL-2400 wall cabinet extra large

Buy the TGL2400 display cabinet in black from Showfront Collectors Australia

The TGL-2400 Wall Display Cabinet Extra Large is the largest and flashiest of our display cases. It has been designed with a split front and back, and comes with 8 cool-white LED spotlights. Its sheer size allows you to display an enormous Lego collection and would be the pièce de résistance of any Lego collector’s loungeroom.

What about delivery though? Well, our display cases are delivered to your door fully-assembled. Showfront display cases can also be moved with relative ease, which is perfect for when you need to move house or rearrange your displays to suit your growing collection. Plus, we ship our display cases to any address in Australia!

As for customisations, we can build a large Lego display case to your exact specifications: colour, shelving, lighting, shape and even frame. And the best part? Your cabinet comes ready to go. Just plug in, fill it with your favourite Lego pieces and enjoy! Your man cave, she-den or living room will never be the same again.

Call us at Showfront Collectors today on 1300 99 36 36 and ask us about a large Lego display case to house your collection.


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