Lego collections are everywhere on Instagram these days. Collecting Lego has just never been more popular than now. And why not…what’s cooler than Lego?

But here’s the thing, you haven’t spent heaps of time, effort and money investing in your collection just to have to have it sit in the garage. No furniture hack that you saw on Pinterest is really going to make you feel proud, nor is a cheap Perspex box going to cut it either. You need something that is purpose-built and fully customised, exactly the way you want it – something that ensures your collection is lit to perfection, something that will take centre stage in your lounge room, man-cave or she-shed.

So, what’s the best way to display your collection?

In earlier blog posts, we highlighted four fantastic, affordable, Lego display cabinet ideas and looked at some large Lego display cases for super sized collections. In this blog, however, we’re looking at one of the most essential parts of displaying your collection – illuminating your Lego display case with lights.

Step into the light, my friend…

Every Showfront display case is fitted with cool, environmentally-friendly LED lighting that will light up your collection beautifully without damaging the pieces. Each display case also comes ready-built and delivered to your door fully assembled, Australia-wide, so there’s no need to worry about putting together a wobbly, flat-packed display case with dodgy, overseas electrical wiring. With a Showfront cabinet, you just plug it in, and you’re set. Plus, we’ll beat ‘like for like’ specs on a competing Lego display case with lights by 10%. Guaranteed.


Here are five of the best ways to Lego display cases with lights:

1. The CT-900 – Coffee Table Display Case with LED Lighting

CT 900 – Black Coffee Table Display Case with LED Lighting – Fully assembled

What better way to display your all-time favourite pieces (Millennium Falcon, anyone?) than right there in the middle of your living room. These are super popular with Lego fans and can be customised to fit your existing décor and needs. Safety glass on five sides and slick, eco-friendly LED lights make your collection a real conversation starter!

2. The TGL-600 – Tower display cabinet with LED Spotlights

TGL 600 – Tower Display Cabinet with LED Spotlights – Fully assembled - Black

This is a great model for displaying your growing collection, particularly if space is at a premium. The TGL-600 comes with moveable LED spotlights to shine a light on your prized pieces and also allows for shelving to be removed in order to showcase your larger pieces. The TGL 600 Tower has plenty of space to give your collection the love it deserves.

3.The TGL-1000 – Glass Display Cabinet

TGL 1000 Black Upright Glass Display Cabinet by Showfront

This is one of our most popular display cases for Lego collectors with many opting to purchase it in either black or white. Two lockable sliding glass doors allow great access into the display cabinet and it comes with four LED spotlights to illuminate your pride and joy.

4. The TGL-1200 – Glass Display Cabinet

TGL 1200 Black Glass Display Cabinet by Showfront

The TGL-1200 is slightly larger than the TGL-1000, and is manufactured with aluminium door pulls for safe opening and closing. Environmentally-friendly LED lights in cool white come prewired so you just have to plug it in and voila! Your Lego collection will look stunning!

5. The TGL-2000 - Cabinet Extra Large

TGL 2000 Black Wall Display Cabinet Extra-Large by Showfront

This is big brother of all the units featured here, designed with serious Lego collectors in mind. It has a split front & back with two sets of 2 lockable doors to keep out curious, little toddler hands. All of the six glass shelves are removable allowing for significant flexibility to adapt as your collection grows. Imagine the looks of pure jealously on the faces of your friends when they see this in your home!

Oh yes, and one of the best things about Showfront cabinets is that you can fully customise your Lego display cabinet to your exact specifications: colour, shelving, lighting, shape, and even frame. Your cabinet comes ready to fill with your favourite Lego pieces, so just plug it in, sit back and enjoy!

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