Have you ever experienced a moment that you wish would last forever? Well, now it can, with a display cabinet for memorabilia from Showfront. 

Memories are precious. Whether it’s a family photo, a prop from a movie, a signed sports jersey from your favourite team or merchandise from a live concert of your favourite band, memorabilia is a great way to cherish memories. 

But just as you cherish the memory, so too should you cherish the piece itself. Here at Showfront, we’ve helped make memories last for over 30 years with our handcrafted, high quality, Australian-made display cabinets for memorabilia. 

Along with our range of ready-to-install memorabilia display cases, we manufacture completely customised memorabilia display cabinets tailored to your collection and specifications.

Select a size and shape and choose from a range of frame colours and add-ons such as locks and eco-friendly LED lighting. Whatever it is, a display cabinet for memorabilia from Showfront is the perfect choice. 

The CTGL 1200 Full Glass Counter Display Cabinet for memorabilia is a popular choice for music memorabilia offering plenty of room and optimum visibility. 

Our loyal customer and dedicated KISS fan, Sam put his performance compendiums, concert tickets and various KISS merchandise on display in this counter display cabinet for memorabilia

Showfront's CTGL 1200 Full Glass Counter Display Cabinet for memorabilia is a popular choice for music memorabilia

If it's a guitar display case you’re in need of, we have the perfect solution. This display was created for a Rock n’ Roll memorabilia exhibition and consisted of white TSF 600 Tower Display Cabinets and custom tower display cabinets for memorabilia with LED Downlights and Storage.

These memorabilia display cases offered plenty of room for historical band memorabilia including framed records, costumes, photographs and guitars.

Showfront created TSF 600 Tower Display Cabinets for a Rock n Roll memorabilia exhibition

If you’ve got a jersey you want to put on show, or perhaps a signed piece of equipment, trophies or old uniform from your glory days, a display cabinet for memorabilia from Showfront will give your sports memorabilia the spotlight it deserves.

Want to customise your very own sports memorabilia display case? We can create custom display cabinets to suit your sports memorabilia needs. 

Need some inspiration?  Here are some display cabinets for memorabilia we created for one of our sports memorabilia collectors. The first is a black TSF 2000 Upright Display Cabinet fitted with LED lights, extra storage and lockable sliding glass doors which were used to display a range of valuable racquets. We also created 2 black custom counter display cabinets, which were ideal for the customer’s sports ball collection and are a great choice as a sports memorabilia display cabinet

A TSF 2000 Upright Display Cabinet from Showfront is a great choice for sports memorabilia

If you’re a film fanatic or movie memorabilia collector, Showfront has a range of display cabinets for memorabilia to suit your special collection. For action figures, you can opt for one of our popular upright display cabinets or a wall-mounted display cabinet, like this black WMC-1200  display cabinet for memorabilia, purchased by one of our Star Wars collectors. 

The WMC-1200  display cabinet from Showfront is great for action figures and movie memorabilia

If you’ve got costume pieces that deserve to be on display, we have a range of scale model display cases to fit your memorabilia. The MANQ800S Tower Display Cabinet is a mannequin tower display cabinet for memorabilia and comes fitted with cool LED Panels so your costumes and movie memorabilia can be in the spotlight, minus any light or heat damage. 

Showfront's MANQ800S Tower Display Cabinet is a mannequin tower display cabinet for memorabilia and is great for costume displays

All of our memorabilia cabinets are manufactured right here in Australia which means you’ll get premium quality and top-tier customer service you won’t find anywhere else.

Keeping your special collections safe and secure shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, that’s why we offer a price match guarantee. If you find a written quote for a fully assembled memorabilia display case of comparable quality and like-for-like specifications, then send it to us and we’ll beat it by 10%!

Speak to one of our expert display case consultants today or head to one of our Showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne to discuss your memorabilia display case needs. 


Showfront – better quality, better value.

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