Marvel and DC fans unite! It’s time to get your A team together and prepare them for the move to their new headquarters - a customised superhero figurine display case from Showfront.

If you’re an avid figurine collector, you’ll be familiar with the challenge of finding the perfect way to showcase your superhero character collection.

If the book shelf, boxes or bedside table are just not working, it’s time to switch to something bigger and better.

With Showfront, you can create a display case unique to your needs and manufactured to your specifications so you can arrange your collection however you like with space to expand.

From comic books to the cinematic universe, DC figurine displays and Marvel figurine displays, your collectibles are precious, so put your powers on display while keeping them protected and pristine with custom display cases for collectibles from Showfront.

Think of your display case as your superhero costume; it has to reflect you and be fit for the job at hand, so you definitely don’t want something mediocre.

Unlike standard cabinets available from furniture retailers, our Showfront display cases are designed specifically for collectors and are completely customisable with size, colour and shape entirely up to you.

You also have the option of adding storage and eco-friendly LED’s to put the spotlight on your superheroes!

Not sure what you’re after? We’ve got a range of ready-made superhero figurine display cases you can pick from or you can consult our expert team of sidekicks about your collection and it’s requirements and we’ll help you create something special.

Whether your characters possess intergalactic force, the wrath of the gods, mutant powers or superhuman abilities, you can put it on show with our range of upright display cabinets, tower display cabinets and wall-mounted display cabinets or customise your own with our custom display cabinets for superhero collectables.

Wondering what to look for in the perfect superhero figure display case? Read on.


We only install cool, long-lasting and eco-friendly LED’s in our display cabinets to prevent harsh lights fading the vibrant colours of your figurines and avoiding possible heat damage.


Don’t let kids or thieves get their hands on your superhero collection. Our glass display cabinets are designed to keep your collections safe, that’s why we use tough glass and offer the option to add locks for optimum security.


Your pieces deserve to be seen, so don’t hide them away on a shelf or in boxes; design a cabinet that suits your collection’s size so you can be sure every one of your marvellous team can be seen.


We’ve been the leader in our industry for over a decade and it’s no wonder why. Our display cases are made in Australia by dedicated craftsman with premium quality materials.


Your collection is priceless, so don’t cut corners. Our price match guarantee means we’ll beat any written quote with like for like specs by 10%.


We don’t make you spend a motza then send you a box with the pieces to build yourself. We deliver everything fully-assembled and work with you every step of the way to ensure the product you order is perfect.


Call us today on 1300 785 694 or visit one of our showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to discuss your superhero figurine display case needs.

Showfront – better quality, better value. 

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