Nothing says quality quite like a crystal, and when it comes to collecting them, Swarovski’s are at the top of the list. Famed for their elegant, glistening appearance, it’s no wonder many of our valued customers put their Swarovski’s on display in our recent Showfront photography competition.

The competition, held in September, saw an array of collectors from around the country snap pictures of their prized pieces in their Showfront display cases in a bid to win a whopping $950 off their next Showfront cabinet purchase.

There was model ships and cars, comics, Lego and KISS memorabilia, but no doubt some of the most dazzling submissions were the crystal collections. There were 3 particularly outstanding submissions from crystal collectors, all of which received honourable mentions for their beautifully arranged ornaments in their Swarovski display cabinets.

This entry from Austin in Victoria, saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarves put on show with perfectly positioned tiers in a custom, white CBDL pedestal cabinet. The crystal figurine display case hosts a lockable glass hinged door for ease of access with added security and beautiful glass top and sides for full view of the Swarovski Disney collection.

Austin's Swarovski figurine display case is a Showfront CBDL pedestal cube.

Another awesome Swarovski display cabinet belong to our second entrant, Katrina- also from Victoria, who captured the shimmering facets of her fragile crystal flowers, stars and snowflakes with a black TSF 1000 glass Swarovski crystal display case.

Katrina’s collection is in a black TSF 1000 Showfront Swarovski crystal display case.

“I have been collecting Swarvoski since 2013, starting with the annual little start ornaments. Little pieces of beauty, amazing that I can own them. I slowly built my collection a little at a time, and I intend to continue as long as they keep creating such fantastic pieces. The Swarovski display cabinet allows me to enjoy my collection all the time, without worrying about dust or accidentally breaking them,” says Katrina.

Our third competition entrant was Nikki from the ACT, who’s vast and exquisite collection of crytals from many of Swarovski’s collections, required something a little bigger. A white TSB1500 customised upright Swarovski display case with light was chosen, giving Nikki excellent viewing capability thanks to the glass top and sides and 4x LED’s. The large Swarovski display cabinet includes plenty of glass shelving and extra storage below, giving Nikki the space to continue growing her collection.

Nikki keeps her crystals in a white Showfront TSB1500 customised upright Swarovski display case with light.

Nikki keeps her crystals in a white Showfront TSB1500 customised upright Swarovski display case with light.

Just like Swarovski, here at Showfront we are dedicated to intricate craftsmanship and together, our pieces are a match made in heaven. From figurines to comics, records and teapots, custom display cabinets are not only the perfect solution to protect your treasures, but are tailored to suit your collection with customised sizing, lighting and framing.

Whether you’ve got sparkling clear crystals or luminous bright hued ones, your precious gems are deserving of special presentation, which is where Showfront can help. We’ve been creating customised display cases for collections for over 25 years, making us to go-to amongst collectors. As a 100% Australian owned and operated business, you can count on Showfront for outstanding quality, locally designed and manufactured Swarovski display cabinets.

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