We’ve always believed Showfront’s products were outstanding, but when we won the ‘Editor’s Choice’ award in Digital Review for our top-selling TSF 1000 Glass Display Cabinet, we were absolutely thrilled! 


It’s always a little nerve-racking when you provide a product for assessment to an expert panel.  Digital Review is a major product review website with a huge Australian audience and we were delighted to get an opportunity to put our best-selling TSF 1000 Glass Display Cabinet to the test in such a public arena.  Of course, everyone wants a positive appraisal from an objective source, but there are simply no guarantees – the reviewers have to be impartial to protect the credibility of their own publication. 


"We have no hesitation in recommending it as an affordable premier display cabinet solution. It really is that good." - Paul Moons, Digital Review


Our Melbourne-made TSF 1000 Glass Display Cabinet is extremely popular because of its superb, functional design and great value-for-money price point, and we were confident of a good result.  Nonetheless, when your brand is being scrutinised and the appraisal going to appear in the public domain, we couldn’t help wondering...would the review be favourable?


As it turns out, Showfront’s TSF 1000 won on every post.  With a 10/10 score and a fantastic analysis of the cutting-edge features from Paul Moons of Digital Review, we were absolutely delighted to receive such a positive evaluation:

“Where the Showfront TSF 1000 cabinet is different is that it is the complete package. It is both sturdy and stylish, has an impeccable build quality and comes standard with a more than adequate lighting package. Like the build, the locking system is commercial grade and the majority glass design, perfectly highlights what is inside.


Also worth noting is that the TSF 1000 comes fully assembled and is designed and built in Australia...the locally made TSF 1000 is a clear winner, in quality, style and lighting.


The TSF 1000 has enough room for all your collectibles and enough style to make them look good. We have no hesitation in recommending it as an affordable premier display cabinet solution. It really is that good.”


Many thanks to the team at Digita lReview for such positive feedback. Click here to read the full article about the TSF 1000 Display Cabinet on Digital Review.

The TSF 1000 Glass Display Cabinet is superbly versatile with many applications and has been used by collectors, museums, retailers and schools alike to display products, collectibles, trophies, merchandise and artefacts. 

It comes ready-made to buy online or custom-built in a range of colours. LED lighting, safety glass, lockable storage and doors are all standard features but without question, the most outstanding feature is simply the quality – the materials, finish, durability and style offer unbeatable quality for the discerning buyer.  

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