Mannequin Display Cabinets for Sydney TAFE, Design Centre Enmore (DCE)

Mannequin Display Cabinets by Showfront

Mannequin Display Cabinets by students at Sydney TAFE

The Design Centre Enmore (DCE) is the beating heart of Sydney TAFE’s creativity and home to some of Australia's most reputed design courses. DCE students can choose to study a variety of design-related courses on campus including industrial, jewellery, graphic, interior, event and entertainment design, 3D animation, concept art and illustration. Seeking a partner to create beautiful wall-mounted custom cabinets to house mannequins and showcase the students' creative work, DCE asked Showfront to take on the challenge...

Custom Mannequin Display Cabinets for DCE by Showfront

 The brief from DCE was to create a series of black, wall-mounted display cabinets with black aluminium slatwall and LED downlights for illumination. The display cabinets would be mounted outdoors in partial cover and black waterproof Alucabond in-fills were used to keep the cabinets weather-tight.

A flexible configuration would be key, to allow for different sizes, shapes and easy rotation of the display objects and 6 adjustable shelves were fitted in each cabinet. Security was obviously an important consideration and each cabinet was fitted with lockable glass sliding doors. The cabinets were finished off with shatter-proof safety glass, an aluminium plinth and levelling feet before being sealed to the wall. A separate wall-mounted notice board was also fitted as part of the project.

Custom Upright Display Cabinets with Slatwall

We think the Display Cabinets came up beautifully, a fitting showcase for the wonderful creativity of the DCE students and a fine spectacle for campus visitors. Many thanks to our friends at Sydney TAFE for choosing Showfront to take on the challenge.

Wall Mounted Display Cabinet at Sydney TAFE by Showfront

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LED downlights on Mannequin display cabinets at Sydney TAFE
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