Launch of the Black Caviar Stamp by Australia Post

Launch of the Black Caviar Stamp by Australia Post

Display Cabinets for Australia Post's Black Caviar exhibit at the Word Stamp Expo

Australia Post was commissioned to release a commemorative stamp to coincide with Black Caviar's retirement. The stamp expo was held at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton, Melbourne, from the 10-15th of May, 2013.

With a brief to custom-build display cabinets that would look both elegant and stylish as well securely display all 25 of Black Caviar's winning trophies, as well as silks, saddles and other memorabilia, this fabulous display stand was a superb tribute to Australia's most successful racehorse and arguably the greatest of all time.

The display cabinets needed be highly visible and extremely well lit. Above all, Showfont needed to create a beautiful display that would be worthy of the great racehorse herself and such a tremendous world class event. The accompanying merchandising display cabinets and stands were to display the new range and limited edition stamps and merchandise in honour of the event.


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