Whether you're a seasoned collector of Yu-Gi-Oh, a devotee of Magic: The Gathering, or catching ‘em all in Pokémon, finding the perfect trading card display cabinet is like drawing the ultimate power card. Let's shuffle through the Showfront deck and reveal our top TCG display case picks that will make your collection a winning draw.



Epic Trading Card Display Cabinets for TCG Champions

Picture this: your rarest pulls, safe from snack spills and ready for bragging rights. A collectible card display case is your collection's hall of fame, making every peek a trip down memory lane of your most valuable catches. Here’s our guide to the top 5 must-have trading card display cases.


1. A Scene-Stealing Centrepiece: the CT 900 Coffee Table Display Case

Imagine having a coffee table that not only holds your drinks but also showcases your most prized trading cards and any other collectables you want to put on display. From safeguarding the elusive Black Lotus from Magic: The Gathering to a mint-condition Charizard from Pokémon, the CT 900 Coffee Table Display Case is a must-have for collectors. Crafted by our expert craftsmen right here in Australia, this customisable display case for trading cards lights up your cards with LED lighting, making your collection the main attraction.

2. For Your Rarities: the TGL 450 Tower Display Cabinet with LED Spotlights

Designed with the discerning collector in mind, the TGL 450 Tower Display Cabinet features cutting-edge, eco-friendly LED spotlights that bring your most prized cards to life. Adjustable glass shelves offer the flexibility to accommodate collections of any size, from the rarest Dragon Ball Super Cards to the mystical realms of your Flesh & Blood TCG collection.

3. Elevate Your Cards to New Heights: the CBDL Pedestal Display Case

The CBDL Pedestal Display Case puts your collectables on a pedestal, quite literally. Ideal for showcasing standout cards like the coveted Pikachu Illustrator card or the iconic Spell Cards from Yu-Gi-Oh, this trading card display box is a collector’s dream. With customisable LED lighting options and a variety of colours, the CBDL also features a storage compartment so you can keep all your TCG treasures in one place, safe and sound.

4. Unmatched Value: the CTGL 1200 Full Glass Display Counter

Style, transparency and flexibility are the hallmarks of the CTGL 1200 Full Glass Display Counter. Whether you’re after a Marvel, Weiß Schwarz or Yu-Gi-Oh card display case, the CTGL 1200 trading card display box is an ideal pick for top value. This display counter features a built-in electrical lighting system, including LED strip lighting in cool white. As with all our display cases for trading cards, this cabinet arrives fully assembled and ready to highlight your collection.

5. Picture Perfect: the WMC 1200 Wall-Mounted Display Cabinet

Keen to save some space? Transform your wall into a display of your greatest collecting achievements with the WMC 1200 Wall Mounted Display Cabinet. This wall TCG display case brings versatility and security to your display strategy, with LED lighting and lockable doors ensuring your collection is safe and sound while being admired by your fellow collectors.



Create Your Own Rare Find with Showfront

Level up your card game and showcase your wins like never before. Showfront delivers top-tier TCG display cases that make each card in your collection shine. If you find a written quote for a fully assembled collectible card display case of comparable quality, send it to us and we’ll beat it by 10%.

Still on the hunt for the perfect Disney Lorcana, Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh card display case? From your rare finds to nostalgic favourites, you deserve a high-quality display case as valuable as your collection. Contact our friendly team on 1300 99 36 36 and customise your own trading card display cabinet today!