The joy of collecting truly shines when you share your finds with the world. At Showfront Collectors, we bring this experience to life with our lineup of standing cabinets, designed specifically with collectors in mind. Our free-standing display units provide a stylish and secure showcase for every piece in your collection, from beloved Lego sets to the most intricate character costumes. We’re here to guide you through 6 innovative ways to showcase your collection with our customisable standing cabinet display solutions.


1. Elevated Elegance: TSF 900 Upright Standing Display Cabinet

The beautifully crafted TSF 900 Upright Display Cabinet stands out among free-standing display units. Featuring a white mitred frame with a mirror back, the TSF 900 enhances the brilliance of your miniatures, trading card collection, trophies, awards, or any other valuable collectibles. Equipped with LED lighting and adjustable glass shelves, this upright display cabinet ensures your collection commands attention.


TSF 900 standing display cabinet from Showfront

2. In the Spotlight: TGL 450 Standing Tower Display Cabinet

Gleaming with LED spotlights to show off your precious gems and jewellery in all their glory, the TGL 450 Tower Display Cabinet is one of our top picks for those looking to display their collection with clarity and style. This floor standing cabinet is crafted with eco-friendly materials and equipped with adjustable glass shelves to suit your preferences. The integrated lighting options will enhance the visual appeal of your collection, highlighting your most high-value pieces and making their colours truly stand out. 

TGL 450 standing display cabinet from Showfront

3. Costume Showcase: MANQ800S Mannequin Standing Tower Display Cabinet

Don’t let your spectacular costumes gather dust in the cupboard, elevate your character costume display with our Mannequin Tower Display Cabinet! Designed to highlight the craftsmanship and detail of character costumes from your favourite movies, TV shows, or video games, this standing display case with LED panels ensures your costumes are showcased in their full glory without the risk of heat or light damage. The MANQ800S floor standing cabinet will protect your costumes from dust, environmental damage, and general wear and tear, preserving their condition and value over time.

MANQ800S Mannequin Standing Tower Display Cabinet from Showfront

4. Exceptional Value: ETGL 600 Essentials Standing Tower Glass Display

A classic among our free-standing display cabinets, the ETGL 600 Essentials Tower Glass Display offers great value for money. Australian-made and delivered fully assembled, this free-standing display case with LED lighting is perfect for bringing your Marvel Lego, Star Wars memorabilia, and any other collectibles out of the shadows and into the limelight. The ETGL 600 is a practical and essential addition to your collection, providing high quality at a great price.

ETGL 600 Tower Display Standing Cabinet from Showfront

5. Capturing the Charm: TSF 600 Tower Standing Display Cabinet 

The TSF 600 Tower Display Cabinet, with its slimline lightbox, is an ideal free-standing display case for those who appreciate the aesthetic of a slimmer profile. Whether it's for displaying delicate teacups or timeless antiques, this cabinet creates a striking impression. It comes equipped with lockable doors and a secure storage base to keep your collection secure. With 360-degree visibility, our tower display cabinets are ideal for your intricate collectables, valuable merchandise, or art pieces that demand attention from every perspective.

TSF 600 Tower Standing Display Cabinet from Showfront

6. The Space You Need: TPFL 1200 Upright Standing Display Cabinet

For those seeking a grand display, the TPFL 1200 Upright Display Cabinet is unmatched. With its generous dimensions, this cabinet is perfect for showcasing an extensive range of items, from detailed Warhammer figures and cherished collectables to rare books, vintage toys, sports memorabilia, and historical artefacts. Its exceptional lighting, which includes 4 LED downlights and 6 LED side spotlights, ensures that every item, whether it's intricate model cars, antique coins, or limited-edition action figures, is illuminated with precision.

TPFL 1200 Upright Standing Display Cabinet from Showfront

Custom Standing Display Cabinets Built to Your Exact Specifications

We specialise in crafting custom standing display cases that perfectly match your collection's needs. With over 25 years of experience and a best-price value guarantee, we've become experts at creating durable, stylish cases for all types of collectors. Our cabinets are designed to your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit in size, shape, and colour. They feature advanced, eco-friendly LED lighting that beautifully highlights your collectables without the risk of heat damage. Best of all, we deliver these cases fully assembled across Australia, straight to your door. 


Your Collection's Best Showcase Awaits with Showfront

Transform your collection with Showfront Collectors' custom standing cabinets. Don't let your collectibles fade into the background – elevate them with a display case that reflects your passion. Contact our friendly team on 1300 99 36 36 and customise your own standing cabinet today!