When it's time to showcase your cherished tea set, only the finest display will do. Enter our ultimate guide to teacup display cases, where every shelf tells a story. Showfront’s expert Australian craftsmen have poured their hearts into creating display cabinets that are not just furniture, but a worthy stage for your treasured tea-time collectables.


A Tea Set Display Case For All Tastes


ETGL 600: A Classic Display For Your Classic Pieces

The ETGL 600 Essentials Tower Glass Display is a testament to fine craftsmanship. Made right here in Australia, this teacup display cabinet arrives at your doorstep fully assembled, ready to show off your teacups with the care they deserve. For those looking for a classic display, the ETGL is the English Breakfast of display cases: simple, elegant, and great value.

Give your classic tea set collection a classic display to match with the Showfront ETGL 600 teacup display case.

The CT 900 Coffee Table Display Case: Sip in Style

Steep your space in charm with the CT 900 Coffee Table Display Case from Showfront. Fully assembled and ready to brew up some interest, this case lights up your living room with a spot of LED brilliance that'll make your favourite sets sparkle and spruce up your space for tea time. No matter your colour choice, this case is a perfect blend of form and function, allowing you to customise size to fit your collection – big or small.

Sip in style with a functional but stylish CT 900 teacup display table from Showfront.

TSF 900: Where Tea Time Meets Timeless Style

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the shiniest of them all? The TSF 900 Upright Display Cabinet doesn't just house your tea sets; it illuminates them. With a mirrored back, LED lights, and a white mitred frame, it reflects the beauty of your collection from every angle. And with lockable castors, this cabinet keeps your treasures secure.

Tea time meets timeless style in the Showfront TSF 900 teacup display cabinet.

TPFL 1000: The Spotlight for Your Tea Set

The TPFL 1000 Upright Glass Display Cabinet is Showfront's crown jewel for teacup aficionados. The LED downlights are like the sun to your tea leaves, showcasing the vibrant colours and intricate patterns of your tea sets. The easy-reach on/off light switch means you have control over your teapot display case's ambience at the flick of a switch.

Put your tea set in the spotlight with the Showfront TPFL 1000 teacup display case.

Brewing the Best Displays with Showfront

Want to learn more about the Showfront customisation process? We're here to talk you through the steps from concept to creation. At Showfront Collectors, every cabinet is a pledge to quality, delivered fully assembled for your convenience. If you find a better price elsewhere, we promise to beat it by 10%.

A Display Case Guaranteed to Be Your Cup of Tea

Every teapot, every saucer, and every teacup deserves a place to shine. Ready to elevate your collection with a new tea set display cabinet? Brew a fresh pot, explore our range, and let Showfront help you take tea time to the next level. For any queries or customisation requests, contact our friendly team today on 1300 99 36 36.