Calling all defenders of the Lego multiverse! It's time to give your miniature Iron Men and tiny Thors a home worthy of their heroic deeds. Whether you're safeguarding the galaxy with Lego Star-Lords or looking for the perfect Groot Lego display case, a high-quality Marvel Lego display from Showfront is just what the collector ordered.


Unleash Your Inner Stan Lee: Custom Displays for Every Lego Marvel Adventure

Need somewhere for your Avengers to assemble? Or a Lego Guardians of the Galaxy display fit for your collection? At Showfront Collectors, we offer customisable display solutions that make it easy to set the stage for any Lego Marvel set-up. Learn more about how to make a display case your own in our guide to customising your Marvel collection display case.

Whether it’s an upright glass case for aerial showdowns or a Lego Venom display case for your favourite villain-turned-vigilante, your creative vision has no bounds. Are you a big kid at heart with toys that need a home? Discover the perfect toy display cabinet for your collection. Or maybe you need some tips for picking the right case for your Funko Pops – whatever your collection needs, we’re on the case.


Epic Display Cases For Your Marvel Lego Masterpieces


Marvel Lego Legends Shine Bright in the TPFL 1000 Showcase

Let the TPFL 1000 Upright Glass Display Cabinet be the limelight for your Avengers. With its LED downlights illuminating every intricate detail, your Marvel Lego will truly shine. Crafted by skilled Australian craftsmen, this cabinet arrives fully assembled and ready to become the headquarters for your Lego heroes.

Let Your Marvel Lego Legends Shine Bright in the TPFL 1000 Showcase

Hulk Out With The TGL 2000 Wall Display Cabinet

Need to bring out the big guns? Elevate your Marvel universe with the TGL 2000 Wall Display Cabinet. With a 2-metre expanse and brilliant LED spotlights, it turns your collection into a panoramic spectacle. Whether showcasing Asgardian armour or Spider-Man's suits, this fully-assembled cabinet is customisable so your epic collectables can reign supreme.

Hulk Out With The TGL 2000 Wall Display Cabinet for Marvel Lego

CBDL Pedestal: Elevate Your Epic Lego Collection

The CBDL Pedestal Display Case is the throne for your most celebrated Lego pieces. Imagine a Lego Infinity Gauntlet display, all highlighted by custom lighting options. This stand is not only a testament to craftsmanship but a focal point that brings the multiverse right into your space.

Elevate Your Epic Marvel Lego Collection with the CBDL display Marvel Lego Cabinet.

CT 900 Coffee Table: Where Your Living Room Meets the Marvel Universe

Make the marvels of your collection the centrepiece of your living space with the CT 900 Coffee Table Display Case. More than just a table, it's a showcase for your Lego Marvel display to come to life and an innovative way to spruce up your space. From an expansive Lego Avengers display to a detailed Lego Iron Man display case, the CT 900 brings action to your living room.

the CT900 Marvel Lego Display Case is Where Your Living Room Meets the Marvel Universe

A Price Promise As Solid As Vibranium

Experience superhero savings with Showfront's best-price value guarantee. If you find a comparable product at a lower price, we'll beat it by 10%. That's a promise that ensures your investment in displaying your collection is safeguarded.


Showfront Collectors: Your Guardians of the Gallery

With Showfront, you’ll experience expert Australian craftsmanship, delivery of fully assembled pieces, and the ability to customise to your tastes. Explore our range of display cabinets and take your collection to all new heights. For any queries or customisation requests, contact the friendly Showfront team today on 1300 99 36 36.