For vinyl aficionados, every record holds a fond memory or a slice of musical history. So when it comes to showcasing your prized record collection, not just any shelf will do. At Showfront Collectors, our custom vinyl display cases are here to give your records the showcase they deserve in your home or studio.

Show Off Your Vinyl Vault in a Record Display Cabinet

Can’t contain your ever-growing record collection? Worried about your favourite album getting damaged? It’s time to face the music and organise your collection with a premium record display case from Showfront. Displaying your records in a cabinet protects them from dust, damage, and the wear of time, while also putting your immaculate music taste on display for everyone to behold. Built by expert craftsmen in Australia and delivered fully assembled to your door, here are the top selections from our vinyl display cabinet collection – all ready to be customised to your taste.

Spin Your Vinyl in Style with the CTGL 1200

Whether you're displaying the classic beats of The Beatles or the glam rock of Bowie, the CTGL 1200 Glass Counter Vinyl Display Cabinet is a crowd-pleaser for record collectors. Its full glass design ensures that every album cover and every hue of vinyl is on full, glorious display. Equipped with LED lighting, lockable doors, and 2 x 8mm adjustable glass shelves, the CTGL 1200 record display case will make your collection a standout while allowing you to make it a functional piece in your home. 

CTGL 1200 vinyl display cabinet from Showfront

Experience a Wall of Sound with the WMC 1200

Maximise your space and show off your epic taste with the WMC 1200 Wall Mounted Vinyl Display Cabinet. Its wall-mounted design frees up floor space, while LED strip lighting is concealed within the frame to highlight your records. From Jimi Hendrix's electric solos to classic hip-hop, every record is securely displayed, turning your wall into a tribute to your favourite albums. This is the perfect choice if you’re wanting to show off the front of your most precious vinyls, with adjustable shelf heights to ensure the ideal fit. Looking for a unique colour frame or more depth, height, or width for your vinyl wall display case? This wall-mounted vinyl record cabinet is totally customisable!

WMC 1200  display cabinet for records from Showfront

Elevate Your Collection in the Award-Winning TPFL 1200

Large vinyl collections call for large display solutions, which is where the TPFL 1200 Upright Record Display Cabinet, comes in. Equipped with adjustable shelving, LED lighting, and plenty of customisation options, your records are always ready for their solo in this vinyl display cabinet. This one offers plenty of height and depth to store and display your whole collection.

TPFL 1200 vinyl record display cabinet from Showfront

Shine a Light on Your Records with the TGL 600

Light up your record collection with the TGL 600 Vinyl Record Display Cabinet. This standing display cabinet is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t skimp on features, providing eco-friendly LED lighting to highlight your vinyl records and hidden castors for mobility. Perfect for showcasing everything from Zeppelin's rock classics to Lady Gaga's pop anthems, this display cabinet ensures your records get the limelight they deserve and is equally spacious but easy to fit into any room of your home.

TGL 600 vinyl record display case from Showfront

Customise Your Record Display Case to Your Own Tune

Whether you need a vinyl album display case for your burgeoning jazz collection or a record display cabinet that stores Taylor Swift’s entire discography thus far, we’ve got the customisation options to hit every note perfectly. We can tailor your vinyl display case to ensure your records not only look great but are also preserved for the next generation of music lovers.

Our Guarantee: Best-Price Value on Vinyl Album Display Cases

Concerned about the cost? At Showfront, we offer a best-price value guarantee on all of our vinyl display cabinets. Find a comparable quality collectible display case for sale at a lower price, and we’ll beat it by 10%. And it’s not all about records – from music memorabilia, and model cars to trading cards and Funko Pop figurines, our display cases are designed to showcase and protect all your collectibles and memorabilia.

The Vinyl Frontier: Your Own Custom Vinyl Display Case

Ready to turn up the volume on your vinyl collection? Our vinyl records display cases are ready to be delivered straight to your door, fully assembled and waiting to make your collection shine. Contact our friendly team on 1300 99 36 36 and customise your own record display cabinet today!