Case Studies

  • Memories of Time Gone By: Showfront Cabinets at Eumundi Museum

    Memories of Time Gone By: Showfront Cabinets at Eumundi Museum

    The museum showcases stories, photographs and artifacts ranging from the times of the traditional custodians - the Kabi Kabi people, and more recent events such as the construction of the major railway line and the large timber, dairy, agriculture and sugar cane industries.
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  • Penrith Museum of Fire

    Penrith Museum of Fire

    Protecting Australian firefighting history at the Penrith Museum of Fire with new museum display cases from Showfront.

    The Museum of Fire reached out to us in need of new museum display cases that would permit further growth of museum displays & infrastructure and, help aid research capabilities to the benefit of the public and assisting Government agencies. We were delighted to assist.
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  • Gladstone Maritime Museum

    Gladstone Maritime Museum

    Creating a future for the past: upgrading the Gladstone Maritime Museum with Showfront display cabinets

    The history of sea warfare is a rich one, with many poignant naval battles shaping the world we know today. But without the dedication of our museums, the legacy of these events would be lost to the depths of time.

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  • The Stokes Collection Museum

    The Stokes Collection Museum

    The Stokes Collection Museum

    “I have used Showfront on numerous occasions to display rare porcelain in my Museum 'The Stokes Collection'.   In the future, if we need any additional cabinets I will certainly use Showfront.  Showfront has always  provided excellent professional, prompt service and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective customers.” - Cyril Stokes, Founder of The Stokes Collection Museum

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  • Telstra Museum

    Telstra Museum

    Display Cabinets for Telstra Museum

    "Showfront are my first choice when it comes to display cabinets for the Telstra Museums. The personalised, professional service and attention to detail stands out when placing an order. Just as importantly I have found value for money in Showfront product in comparison to other cabinets on the market, this makes me a happy advocate and a return customer." - Stef Novak, Telstra Museum

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