Showfront partners with Museums Australia to bring you the Museums and Galleries National Awards (MAGNA), and the Museums Australia Multimedia and Publication Design Awards (MAPDA) awards ceremonies.


This year, Showfront is proud to support Museums Australia’s night of nights through its sponsorship of the Museums and Galleries National Awards (MAGNA) and the Museums Australia Multimedia and Publication Design Awards (MAPDA).

This annual event recognises the invaluable work Australian cultural institutions play in the community and is open to all members of Museums Australia. The awards were founded in 2011 with the aim of inspiring institutions to strive for innovation and share best practice to improve the standard of exhibition, public programs, design, communication and sustainability programs across Australia.

Award organiser, Museums Australia, was established in 1993 to act not only as an advocate for museums and galleries but to also support high standards of professionalism amongst the Australian museum and gallery community. In addition, Museums Australia is committed to the conservation, continuation and communication of Australia’s heritage. To promote this purpose, the annual awards encourage members to strive for higher levels of innovation and design.

The 2015 MAGNA and MAPDA awards ceremony will be held on Friday 22 May, from 6.00 to 8.00pm, at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney.

Museums and Galleries National Awards (MAGNA)
MAGNA is open to all Australian member cultural collecting institutions with the intent they will promote best practice, encourage museums and galleries to develop, improve and finally to raise awareness of the work they do in their local community.

Showfront partners with Museums Australia for MAGNA awards night

The Awards cover the following categories:

  •    Exhibition or Gallery Fit out (Permanent)
  •    Exhibition (Temporary/Travelling)
  •    Interpretation, Learning and Audience Engagement
  •    Innovation
  •    Indigenous Project or Keeping Place


Museums Australia Multimedia and Publication Design Awards (MAPDA)
MAPDA recognises and celebrates design excellence in museums and galleries across Australia and New Zealand. In the past nominations have been drawn from program booklets, websites, posters, educational programs and catalogues with winners recognised for their innovation and design of materials that engage the community.

Showfront partners with museums Australia for MAPDA

Nominations are judged on criteria such as the creativity and innovation of the original idea or concept, the design skills in the expression and extension of the idea through typography, photography, illustration, form structure and material use and the publication’s ability to communicate effectively and meaningfully.

Showfront and the 2015 National Museums Australia Awards
Showfront is proud to partner with Museums Australia for these important awards ceremonies to highlight its support of cultural institutions and to encourage an interest in culture, history, art and design. As part of the sponsorship we will install two customised display cases to house the award nominations at the conference dinner to be held at the National Maritime Museum. These display cases will later be moved to the beautiful Sydney Town Hall.

Each Showfront display will allow guests and visitors to get up close to the award nominations without the risk of damage or theft. The displays are equipped to highlight the beauty, innovation and design of each nomination.

Showfront has experience working with creative and cultural institutions to bring out the best in their displays. Our strength is in our workmanship and ability to design, build and install displays to cater for any environment, exhibit or location.

Showfront have supplied display cabinets for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on quality and fantastic service. If you are a curator or have a collection and would like to find out more about Showfront's museum display cases, call now on 1300 99 36 36. We're always happy to help.



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