Wondering which option to choose for your retail store? We get so many phone calls from bewildered retailers asking us about the pros and cons of Flat Pack and Fully Assembled Display Cabinets, we thought we’d try to shed some light on the subject. By Sam Makdissi


First of all, a little bit of disclosure…at Showfront we do NOT sell self-assembled DIY Display Cabinets, we ONLY sell Fully Assembled Display Cabinets, so what you’re going to read here clearly comes from our own commercial perspective.  That said, we still feel it’s important to set the record straight on what you should and should not expect from a generic Flat Pack Display Cabinet and a Fully Assembled Display Cabinet from Showfront.

Flat Pack Display Cabinets

So, what’s the case for a Flat Packed Display Cabinet? Well, if you’re handy with tools, electrical fittings, can follow instructions, like jig-saw puzzles and love a challenge, Flat Packs could be fun for you. They are also cheaper...or are they?

Certainly, a quick glance at the prices of all the major online retailers would indicate that they come at a lower rate but the differences are rarely more than a $200-$300.  When you factor in the time it will take you to assemble it (or the cost of getting someone else to assemble it - let's hope your partner is handy with a screw driver...), suddenly the costs start to narrow. Throw in the additional hassles of downtime and a mess while building it and you might suddenly wonder whether the flat pack has saved you much money at all?!

Is this really your idea of saving yourself a few hundred dollars?  Perhaps so, but if it is, be prepared for the headache that might come with it.


Fully Assembled Display Cabinets

At Showfront we save you dollars AND the headache. We offer premium quality Fully Assembled Display Cabinets at unbeatable prices – in fact, we even guarantee it. Our Cabinets are delivered hassle-free and ready-to-sell instantly. In fact, if you live in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, the friendly Showfront staff will lift it off the truck and place it straight into your retail store.  No fuss, No hassle, No headache!

You see, buying a retail display case is not just about the price - it’s about the quality of the product and the experience that comes with it. Elegant, superbly-crafted and built to last, we believe our Retail Display Cabinets offer unbeatable value for money...and you’ll never have to worry about them falling over if you bump up against them.  


Better quality, better value - choose Showfront.

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