LED Lighting for Display Cabinets has emerged as one of the fastest-growing, energy-saving trends amongst retailers all over Australia. With Showfront now including LED lighting as standard for its display cases, we thought it was time to shine a light on this environmentally–friendly technology and explain why we think it’s a win-win for everyone.


First of all, what exactly is LED? Well, it stands for “Light Emitting Diodes” and it’s not actually a new invention. In fact, it’s a technology that has been around since the 1960’s! So why is everyone talking about LED’s all of a sudden?

With the move away from traditional incandescent light globes in Australia (these light globes have been banned from production and imports severely restricted) retailers have been forced to seek alternative forms of lighting such as LED’s, Halogens and CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Lights). As always with an industry paradigm shift, several new innovations appear on the market only to give way to the eventual winner. In the case of light globes, it seems that LED’s for display cases are set to dominate in the long run - and with good reason too.

Firstly, they’re cheaper to run – the savings on energy bills alone make this technology a far thriftier option. Secondly, they last longer and have superior energy efficiency.

Measured against traditional incandescents, there’s simply no contest with LED’s lasting up to 100,000 hours of continuous use compared with a rather inefficient 5,000-6,000 hours from traditional globes. For retailers promoting heat-sensitive merchandise, the cool glow emitted by LED Cabinet lights is especially attractive.

When set up correctly, LED's can run at 80% efficiency, which means that 80% is used for light and 20% for heat. With traditional light globes, the inverse is true. Anyone familiar with display cabinets will tell you how hot they can get inside and LED’s now have a huge temperature advantage over piping-hot incandescent and halogen light globes.

LED’s also light up instantly, they are easily dimmable and don’t have the delay that comes with CFL’s. From an environmental perspective, LED light globes also don’t contain some of the damaging mercury that is found surprisingly regularly in many types of CFL’s.

Finally, LED light fixtures also have some great functional benefits for displaying merchandise – the cool, pale light from LED’s looks fantastic in a display case, especially for jewellery, giftware and glassware.

So now you can save money AND do your bit for the environment. Insist on energy-efficient LED lighting for your glass display cases.

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