1. Make Memories Last with a Display Cabinet for Memorabilia from Showfront

    Make Memories Last with a Display Cabinet for Memorabilia from Showfront
    Have you ever experienced a moment that you wish would last forever? Well, now it can, with a display cabinet for memorabilia from Showfront. Here at Showfront, we’ve helped make memories last for over 30 years with our handcrafted, high quality, Australian-made display cabinets for memorabilia. We’ve got a range of ready-to-install display cabinets for memorabilia to suit your display needs.
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  2. Experience the Magic of the Wizarding World with a Harry Potter Lego Display Cabinet from Showfront

    Put your favourite Harry Potter Lego on show with a Harry Potter Lego Display Cabinet from Showfront, Australia.
    Experience the Magic of the Wizarding World with a Harry Potter Lego display cabinet from Showfront. If you’ve got a prized Harry Potter lego collection in need of a home as magnificent as Hogwarts, then Showfront has a Harry Potter lego display cabinet for you.
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  3. First-Ever Australian Made Week Begins

    Showfront proudly supports Australian Made week
    The first-ever Australian Made Week has launched, urging people to buy local and support Aussie jobs and businesses.
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  4. Put Your Magical Collection on Show with a Disney Display Cabinet

    Put your Disney collection on show with a Disney display cabinet from Showfront.
    Do you have a magical Disney Collection you’d like to put on show? Find your dream Disney display cabinet at Showfront, Australia. Call 1300 785 727 today!
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  5. Power Up Your Collection with a Marvel Action Figure Display Case From Showfront

    Power up your collection with a Marvel action figure display case from Showfront
    Avengers assemble! It’s time to unite your Marvel heroes and villains together with a Marvel action figure display case from Showfront. Find the perfect display cabinet for your favourite superheroes right here.
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  6. From Concept to Creation: Creating Custom Display Cabinets at Showfront

    Fully-assembled custom display cabinets by Showfront
    Turn your display cabinet concept into a custom display case creation with Showfront.
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  7. Display Your Treasured Car Collection With A Showfront Glass Model Car Display Cabinet

    Treasuring your collection with a model car display cabinet by Showfront
    Finding the perfect glass model car display cabinet is no easy feat, with many collectors having searched far and wide before discovering Showfront’s range of glass model car display cabinets.  The search is over!
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  8. Tips For Displaying Collectibles in Your Home

    Tips for displaying collectibles in your home with Showfront Display Cabinets Melbourne
    If you're needing some collectable display ideas to help turn your house into a home, then take a look at our tips for displaying collectables in one of our bespoke collectable display cabinets.
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  9. Be the Envy of the Galaxy With a Star Wars Figure Display Case from Showfront

    Keep your Star Wars Collectables safe and secure with a Star Wars Figure Display Case from Showfront Australia.
    When it comes to collecting, the sky isn’t the limit- especially when it comes to a Star Wars collection. Be the envy of the galaxy with a Star Wars figure display case from Showfront.
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  10. Scale Model Display Cases by Showfront

    Scale Model Display Case from Showfront Melbourne
    Looking for a scale model display case? Showfront has you covered! Whether it’s life-size models or miniatures that you collect, we have an ideal scale model display case to suit your needs.
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  11. Discover the Perfect Diecast Model Car Display Case

    Discover the range of Diecast Model Car Display Cases from Showfront.
    Are you looking for inspiration to display your diecast model car collection? Showfront's range of ready-to-install and customisable diecast model car display cases are the perfect display solution. Discover the perfect cabinet for your collection.
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  12. Showcase Your Collection with a Showfront Superhero Figurine Display Case

    Showfront TPFL 2000 superhero figurine display case in white offers plenty of space for collections.
    Marvel and DC fans unite! It’s time to get your A team together and prepare them for the move to their new headquarters - a customised superhero figurine display case from Showfront.
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  13. Fantastic Ideas for Classic Model Car Display Cases

    Dylan’s model race car collection looks amazing in a Showfront TGL 2000 display cabinet.
    Our collectors often come to us with their own classic model car display case ideas, and thanks to our customisable range, we can create a classic model car display case perfect for any collection. Explore these fantastic ideas for classic model car display cases.
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  14. Custom Swarovski Display Cabinet for your Crystal Collection

    Custom Swarovski Display Cabinet for your Crystal Collection
    Nothing says quality quite like a crystal, and when it comes to collecting them, Swarovski’s are at the top of the list.
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  15. Showfront Collectors Photo Competition - And The Winner Is…!

    Black upright collectible display cabinets by Showfront
    Wow! It’s been just over a month since we announced our Photo Competition on the Showfront blog and what a great response we’ve had from our wonderful Showfront Collectors customers!
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  16. 5 Great Ideas for a Star Wars Action Figure Display Case

    Star Wars Action Figure Display Case by Showfront
    Showfront provides discerning Star Wars collectors with custom-built solutions to house your most prized Star Wars action figures. Explore the 5 great ideas for your very own Star Wars Action Figure display case.
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  17. Photo Competition: Win $950 Off Your Next Showfront Display Case!

    Photo of Lego Star Wars Death Star on a podium

    We’ve been handcrafting collectible display cases for almost 30 years and we know that our customers are displaying the most amazing collections in them! Whether it’s Star Wars, Lego, super hero figurines, bobble heads, planes, trains and automobiles, antique dolls, swords, sporting memorabilia, rare artefacts, minerals or musical instruments, we want to see how you’re using our Showfront cabinets to display your collection.

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  18. Lego Star Wars Display Case? The Force is Strong with This One!

    Lego Star Wars Display Case
    You’ve been a fan of Star Wars for years and probably a fan of Lego for even longer. You watched the movies, bought the merch and built the models. You’re proud of your collection and it looks amazing! But now what? It's time to order your Lego Star Wars display case!
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  19. Lego Display Case with Lights: Illuminate Your Collection!

    lego display cabinet with lights
    Are you looking to put your collectables in the spotlight? Discover the best options for a Lego display case with lights from Showfront!
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  20. Large Lego Display Case For Your Collection? You’ve Found It!

    Large Lego display case for your collection by Showfront
    With many of us spending a lot more time at home these days thanks to a global pandemic, it’s the perfect time to ponder some of the bigger questions, like what’s important to you? Family, friends, work…and the inevitable question that all collectors face: what’s the best way to display a Lego collection?
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  21. COVID 19: Showfront remains open for business

    Showfront is open for business
    You our loyal customers are at the heart of what we do, and during this difficult time of unknowns, we want to offer our deepest support. We are still operating business as usual.
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  22. Lego Display Cabinets: 4 Fantastic, Affordable Ideas for Collectors

    Lego Display Cabinets: 4 Fantastic, Affordable Ideas for Collectors
    Got a Lego collection you want to display? Looking for an affordable, top quality, Lego display cabinet for your prized Lego piece? Showfront can help. Check out these 4 fantastic display ideas for your Lego collection.
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  23. Lego Display Case Coffee Table For Star Wars Millennium Falcon

    Custom coffee table Lego display case takes pride of place in the living room
    Looking for Lego display ideas? Check out this Star Wars fan’s amazing custom-built coffee table with an in-built display case for his Lego Millennium Falcon!
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  24. Showfront announces winner of display case draw at Oz Comic Con Melbourne

    Oz Comic Con winner Steven Yap with Showfront GM, Sam Makdissi
    Huge congratulations to Steven Yap from Springvale, our worthy winner of the Showfront Collectibles Display Cabinet draw at Oz Comic Con Melbourne last week.
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  25. Showfront to showcase at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne!

    Showfront is an Oz Comic-Con partner
    We are excited to announce that Showfront will be partnering with Oz Comic-Con to bring the most exciting event in the pop-culture scene this year to Melbourne.
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